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Dental History ImplantsRise of Cosmetic Dentistry

Before King Louis the 14th, people let their teeth rot until they fell out of their gums or went to the dentist to have them pulled but not replaced. But because Louis was plagued by dental problems his entire life and because he placed such a premium on appearance, French society took notice, still opting for extraction but willingly investing in attractive false teeth. Born with two teeth already in his mouth, Louis’ teeth were eventually pulled. As a result, he suffered large maxillary bone defect, which negatively affected his ability to communicate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Healthy Resolutions

HealthyA Healthy Mouth Leads to a Healthy Body 

One of the great things about starting a new year is the opportunity to make a fresh start. In the United States, the most common new year’s resolutions pertain to health. Since we are committed to helping improve our patients’ overall health, we would like to take the opportunity to offer four tips to help you make 2018 your healthiest year ever: Read the rest of this entry »

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What You Need to Know About Dentures

Glendora Dentist DenturesNo one sets out planning to wear dentures. While we are all aware they exist and that they perform a necessary function, we think they are for “old people who didn’t take care of their teeth.” But that isn’t always the case. To clear up common misconceptions, we wanted to devote this blog post to what some consider the wicked stepchildren of the dental world. But while other procedures such as full mouth reconstruction and dental implants (which we will delve into in a future post) are preferable, they are not always practical or even possible.

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Dental-Related Holiday Gifts

Holiday Dental GiftsSince the holidays are here, you are probably on a tireless search for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. We’ve got some great ideas for dental care-related gifts at several different price points, all of which are fun as well as functional!


Basic? Maybe. Important? Always. Creative? Potentially!

The perfect size for a stocking stuffer, a new toothbrush is a great gift, which pairs nicely with items that often share stocking space, like candy. Choose “soft” bristled brushes, because harder versions can damage enamel and even tear up gums. Ask your dentist or dental hygienist for recommendations based on your personal needs and habits. You should change your toothbrush at least once every three months, because old brushes can harbor bacteria. Also, worn bristles won’t effectively clean. Get creative by paying attention to design (consult with our hygienists via text or email).

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Holiday Stress and Your Teeth

dental stress

Did you know that stress can affect your teeth?

Dental Stress

With parties to attend, gifts to buy, and expectations to meet, the holidays can be stressful. And stress can be detrimental to your health—even inside your mouth! High stress levels can lead to a host of dental problems. So, it’s important to talk to your dentist and try your best to lesson or remove stressors from your daily life.

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How to Keep Your Teeth Clean During the Holidays 

sugar teethVisions of sugar plums and candy canes might be dancing in your head this holiday season. But those visions can lead to sugar consumption which can turn into real-life dental nightmares. Dr. Sayegh at Implant a Smile in Glendora and Huntington beach offers some expert tips for keeping your teeth healthy and bright during the sweet holiday season.

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10 Steps for Taking Care of Your Teeth this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving Dental CareHoliday Dental Hijinks

After turning the corner on Halloween, we have officially entered the holiday season. Even though you are probably juggling a full calendar, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed at the expense of your teeth. November 1 through January 1 is critical for dental health, because so many festivities center around food.

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Implant-a-Smile Loves Glendora

Two Convenient Locations

Dr. Antoine Sayegh/ has two convenient locations – one in Glendora and another in Huntington Beach. With his primary location on Historic Route 66 in Glendora, Dr. Sayegh is happy to be based in Los Angeles County, with a satellite office in Orange County. His dental offices are located approximately 48 miles apart.

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Don’t let your dental benefits run out!

As we are approaching the New Year, Dr. Sayegh and the team remind you that most insurance benefits will expire by the end of the year. Call or message us as soon as possible to schedule your cleaning, exam, or any other dental procedures to take full advantage of your 2017 insurance benefits. Most dental insurance unused benefits do not roll over to the following year, and are lost as of December 31, 2017. We know how busy your family may be, but by scheduling regular cleanings and exams, you may be able to avoid dental complications that could cause you to exceed future dental benefit amounts.


At, we are committed to your well-being and want to help you remain healthy and confident about your smile. Regular visits are essential toward that goal. We urge you to schedule an appointment at your convenience. To request an appointment online, CLICK HERE or call our offices (626) 963-7581 or (714) 891-1155.

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